Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Gearing up for the big day~  Enormous frenzy of excitement!!!!!!!!!!

Barbara Walters~ refusing to turn around!
The Mall~
Royal Family imposters!
LOVED these guys!  Wonder if they got a seat?!
Buckingham and the balcony where "THE PALACE KISS" took place~
Meredith and I and friends getting ready!
Yes indeed, I am wearing a fascinator.

Sad but true, shortly after taking these photos my camera died.  I know, right?   Meredith, her friends, The Washington Post, German TV, Today Show ALL promise to send me photos that were taken.  They loved us Americans and our spirit.  I stood with Today and saw EVERYTHING!  Watched the ceremony on their monitor on the stairs near the "Buck House."  Saw the FAMILY en route, bird's eye view when they turned the corner on the Mall.  All the emotion and happiness of this historic event will forever be remembered.  And for the record, it WAS all that it was cracked up to be!  Great People, Great History, Great Britian,  ALL Great.
The London Eye celebrates~
* So this is it...UNTIL more pictures arrive.  Went to the Shakespeare's Globe Theatre for the first show of the season.  All's Well That Ends Well, a Shakespearean comedy.   How ironically appropriate.

So long for now Lovely London~
This is where I may have shed a tear or two.
NOT The End.

O' Sole Mio

One word sums up Italy, WOW!!!!!!!!!!   We were welcomed  to the amazing Island of Ischia by the lovely Colella Family.  They have been residing on the Island for over 200 years.  The family beach residence is opposite the beautiful San Francesco Bay.  Waking up to the blue Mediterranean waters were amazing!  We had a private balcony and rooftop terrace which we enjoyed day and night!  We dined at their restaurant, La Casereccia and enjoyed Mama Tina's home cooked meals made from the finest ingredients grown in their garden.  First tasty treat was the most amazing caprese salad!!!!
Cruise to the Island in Forio from Napoli~We were very careful not to offend anyone and blend as best as possible as Naples is the crime capital of Italy.

Our balcony view~

Day trip to San Angelo~
After three beautiful days in Ischia we took a cruise to Sorrento.  The ancient events taking place in the Sorrentine Peninsula were a big surprise.  One being the hooded men processions during the night between Thursday and Good Friday.  They march along the streets of the town centre recalling the mystery of the passion of Christ.
Pathway to our hotel in Sorrento

Next stop~ Positano
These pictures from Italy will never do this gorgeous country any justice.  Prettiest little fishing village on the way to Amalfi.
Amalfi Cathedral~ 19th Century Christian structure in the Piazza del Duomo.  Leading from the basilica are steps into the Crypt of St. Andrew.  62 steps lead to the doors.
Colorful Sorrento beach bathhouse!
Random model photoshoot~ photographers asked to use Kevin's hat for optimum shadowing!  He obliged!
Back to Sorrento and hotel hopped to some of the most beautiful I've ever seen~
After almost two weeks in Italy we definitely did not even put a dent in our travels. 
My new best Italian friends, Maria and Mario~
Preggo Italy.  We will never forget you.


Wednesday, 13 April 2011

"By seeing London, I have seen as much of life as the world can show" *Samuel Johnson

I've begun packing and prepare to leave London with a very heavy heart.  Although I am very anxious to reunite with my loved ones.  It makes me painfully nostalgic as I write one of my last posts.  This trip has definitely been one of the most amazing, rewarding experiences for us and we definitely plan on returning.  We will be leaving for Italy this week and return to London for Easter.  I will certainly post after our dream of a lifetime holiday to Forio, Capri, Almafi and Pompeii.  The Royal Wedding will follow on the 29th of April and then we return to the US.  You can be assured that will be the BIGGEST and BEST entry!  We've had so much fun exploring and meeting new people from all over the world, every day!  This journey has offered so much more than I ever expected.  It's incredible how being in a new and different culture changes you and makes you grow.  I love London.  Thanks for loving me right back.
Going to hell in a bucket baby, but at least I'm enjoying the ride~ Jerry

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

*A Fast and Furious Five Days

Cathy and Al visited last week and it flew by!  We did some touring by day and also enjoyed ourselves on a Mother's Day Dinner/Dance cruise on the Thames River.  We had a wonderful time!
While passing by St. Paul's Cathedral one afternoon we heard the bells ringing,  spotted some beautiful Royal Royce's and everyone was abuzz.  We asked what was going on and found out that Princess Ann was there and would be coming out momentarily.  There was a ceremony with the most affluent people in London in attendance.  Our timing was perfect and this is what we witnessed~

We enjoyed the Royal Sightings and captured some great photos and video!
We continued to Shepherd's Market, Mayfair.  We walked and shopped and stopped  for lunch at a great Iranian Restaurant.  We've since returned twice!  YUM!
Alan!!!  Acting up in Camden Town cuz that's what one does there!!!

Thanks for the memories and fun!